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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 16, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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american women watch it. >> you have 20 seconds. >> i think american women came away saying obama did well. >> of course did he a good job on it. >> and there is -- he said something. >> sean: fwreta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight no more mr. nice guy this, was an in your face debate. he r.. we have to make sure we make it easier for kids to afford college skmaik sure when they get out of clenl there is a job. >> most important thing we can do is make sure we're creating jobs in this country. good paying job that's can support a family. >> this president's policies haven't put americans back to work. we had fewer people working
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today. >> governor romney has a one point plan. the plan is to make sure folks at the top play by a different set of rules. it's been his philosophy as private sector, as governor and a presidential candidate. >> in four years you've cut permits and licenses on federal lands and waters in half. >> not true. >> how much did you cut them by, snen. >> we've produced more oil. >> no. no. how much did you cut licenses and federal land and waters? >> governor romney here is what we did. there were a bunch of oil companis.. >> i had a question. how much did you cut them by? >> i'm happy to answer the question. >> it's interesting the president just said something which is that on the day after the attack he went in the rose garden said this was an act of terrorism. it was not a spontaneous
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demonstration. is that what you're say something. >> and this took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terrorism. >> get the transcript. >> he did. let me call it an act... >> can you sthai louder? he did -- did he call it an act of terror. it did as well take -- take this two weeks or so for the idea be there being a riot out there. >> the president has tried and poll says haven't worked. and he described his plans and we have a record to look at. >> it's all in the line so did the candidates get the job done? pat, your view tonight? >> great fight. a terrific fight.
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i think if i had to mark it down, i would say barack obama won. i think he made ponts and came to fight this time on the last debate. i ti the second day story fog to go bad because he got up there and said anyone that suggests we're exploiting someone i find that defensive. the truth is that greta, the administration misled us. did mislead us for two weeks. the question is did they deceive us? were they incompetent and didn't get the correct intelligence? this is tonight i think the democrats the basis going to be enthused because the president came there to fight. i looked, he looked like as soon as the bell rings i'm going for that fella.
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>> and i thought it got out of control. i thought -- uncomfortable watching it. that is i though have been better had candy crowley been standing she had no way to control them. she couldn't, i mean, at least martha had two sitting at the table. so she can use body language. there are six or eight feet away. and i didn't like the fighting. >> and i think this is a good brawl. an excellent fight. i thought a couple times, he said i want to make this point n a number of issues and exchanges i mean the president had gotten the west of one of them and there is mitt romney
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saying i needed to hear what he had to saichl i do think on the libya thing candy crowley stepped in to the benefit of barack obama. i think she's going to get criticism tomorrow. >> we posted the transcript on gretawire of what the president said september 12th. skpf in which he mentioned the term what he said is that -- the president said no acts of terrorism will shake the resolve of this great nation after that character he lipsed the light of the value wez stand for. then he went on to talk about the video and this protest. i think candy called that one wrong. >> and i i think she was wrong there and you had susan rice go on five shows next sunday, five days later and come down and be scripted to say... this was a result of spontaneous
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protest and not preplanned. truth is that no protests. how could she have gotten that? and this was a preplanned act of terrorism involving mortars. >> the state department snez a conference call in a hearing last week that right before the attack, they describe outside correct is that it was normal and calm. and they never said there is a protest outside of the consulate. i don't know when that information. >> charleen lamb of the state department had realtime intelligence while this was going on. and our guys at the safe house made it to the plan next moshing when attacked with mortgageans. apparently there is a drone overhaechld you mean to tell
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me greatest intelligence agency in the world spent $80 billion a year on, these guys can't figure out for 10 days that an act of terrorism had taken place? and putting out a false story. >> and i think that he i agree with you 100% he should are validated the statement. barack obama heard that said just go on, governor. and tomorrow morn people are going to be all over this. and there is foreign policy coming up. that is going to be a major issue. and the. >> there is a poll not scientific. on the issue of the economy that there are people polled governor romney won 58-40. >> that must have come from
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his answer to that africa american fellow said things have been rough. and that i believe mitt laid out the record the administration without interruption this is his best response of the night. i think that drove the message home as well as mitt said, any time this year. >> cbs has another poll in which the president obama is the winner says 37% president obama. >> that says it's about six rounds for obama. other five were even? that is right. >> what i didn't like is that
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it's like two camps had no regard for the question. they weren't addressing the yeses. -- questions they're busy fighting with each other. >> and they did get across the fact they do not like each other. >> when you look at romney hooking at him it was contentious. this is the most contentious debate they ever had telling me things about these two they believed deeply they don't like each other and don't like each other's philosophy. they did not hide their emotions. >> this wasn't like they're interested in answering the questions. the whole purpose it was audience was facilitating the fight. >> a agree with brit human. they ought to close down that
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audience. and them getting up there and one lady said i don't remember the other point. the main deduction she had? this looked to me, something of the things looked canned. and i will say this. the fact is that it got -- you had to know what it is. they're circling each other. that made it an exciting debate. >> and i thought it was political theater but... anyway, nice to see you. >> it was a great fight. >> very funny. >> and now to jobs and the economy what. voters mean in the economy. and nice to talk to you, austin. >> great to see you gin want to ask you the over all. the economy what do you think about the debate? >> i have nef been a fan of the judge's of the debate
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viewing like it was ultimate fighting championship. i think that is the wrong way to think about the debate. and i thought it was confrontational and highly substantive. they went through a lot of substance. and question yeses -- questions were really good substantive questions and i thought it was inform tiff. >> there is energy policy, taxes and bush administration, libya, outsourcing jobs immigration. biggest misperception, installed weapons and federal drilling however, i didn't hear anything new. >> that is a fair point. i thought president supporters happy that this is a
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presentation that was there last time. i thought mitt rom fee did solidly in explaining his side of the case this, sounded like the level of energy and so, i don't think there was a lot that was new. but i thoigt each candidate did a pretty good job of explaining here is what i'm for and i am against in the other guy. look. you decide. and we're going to have to leave to it fact checkers. but... this time they kind of said let's -- we're going to leave that to tomorrow and you know put a pen in it so let me get the question. how do we get gas prices down? they're high now. >> look, i thought there it's misleading.
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for romney to consis stently be indicting increasing gas prices from the day obama took office. and we're in the middle of the massive decline. and that is why gas prices went down. i think that in the short run it's harder than in the long run. you've got to open up new possibilities and try to do everything you can to reduce geo political uncertainty which often times as get issues in the middle east that can add 10ses today $30 to dk dk -- barrel. i wonder if that will come up. then, the third i think thinking through getting access to alternative energy
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sources and improving our own energy efficiency to save money, i think those are legitimate ways. >> greta: so i suppose if that green energy comes to mind but there are problems we've had with green energy in this administration. it's sort of i think... >> yes. there have been some. it hasn't been as bad if you look at totality as if you take one that failed but the fuel side is slightly different. i hi on fuel side discoveries of natural gas and possibilities that open truck fleets in those areas and to try to improve refining capacity. those are kind of the only things you can do in short to medium run. it's not that easy to get the
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price of gas down if the economy starts picking up. >> austin, thank you, sir. >> nice to see you gep. >> straight ahead carl rove is here, what does he think about the debate? first question everyone was waiting for what. is going on with libya? president obama, governor romney getting fired up. who is telling the truth? next. >> suggestion that anyone on my team, anyone on my leem teem would play politics or mislead when we've lost four of our ob, governor, is offensive.
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>> you said in the rose farden it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. it took the president 14 days before he called at tack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did, in fact. sir. >> and he did call it an act of terror.
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it did as well take -- it did take two weeks or so for the idea of being a riot about this tape to come out. you're correct about that. >> greta: since september 11th of this year, major conflict about the the response to the libya attack. what did the president say in the day after the attack. >> no act of terror will shake the resolve of the great nation. alter that character or he lips the light of the values we stand for. since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denegrate religious beliefs of other buzz there is no justification to this type of senseless violence, none. >> greta: joining us, our panel panel, byron york and weekly standard's steve hay hays and deputy washington
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bureau chief michael crowley no relationship to kand eye kroly. this is about this libya question? >> this is the thing a lot of conservatives wanted mitt romney to take the lead on. he didn't do well tonight. he just, there was a time line that case he could have made. he didn't do it well and the president did refer to an act of terrorism on the day after attacks also administration then went on for days and days talking about this movie including aum the way up to the president's appearance at un. so romney did not make the case as well as he could have and i think that the viewer who's haven't followed it came away with a muddled impression. >> steve? >> yes. i agree with byron. i think the fact that romney flubbed the initial answer or that he was corrected by the president then again by candy crowley this is a highly
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debatable point seems to get him off stride. the problem i think, bigger problem for the administration is that this is an issue that is now likely to dominate the debate just as did it coming out of the vice presidential debate that. is something the white house and obama campaign cannot be happy b now we're back. candy crowley, as i understand walked back for correction of mitt romney and said on a broader point he was correct. and the administration was blaming this on the video. we're back into this discussion about the time line. what happened, when? why administration was talking about the video. not about a terrorist attack. that is something that the white house can't be happy about. >> and your thoughts as well? >> yes. yes. you know i think these guys have it right. a agree. i think romney has a -- larger
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point is right. i think candy crowley believes what she said if romney is right on the larnler point is that the administration maintains is not a premeditated. issue here he took a long time to acknowledge, romney is not. this is kind of pointing at the president saying you said thachl you said that. he did, you know, sorry saying are you claiming you said thachl the president had said that. i do think if people read the remarks next line refered to the four people who died in libya. small point he blew it. large point he's got a point. did anyone change their minds? democrats were depressed after that first debate. didn't know if ob yauma was in it to win it. >> let me tell what you i think in a twisted way. though he even though quote
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bhu it tonight. is that it would have just been a question in a series about 15 questions now it's going to dominate for the next day about what did happen or didn't happen. so in a sick way it's going to be a greater emphasis there is a flub. all right. steve, your favorite question tonight? do you think the most effective one? >> what is that? sorry? oos. >> greta: what question did you like the most? >> i think, yeah. i thought the question that the questioner put about steven hsu and gas prices was the toughest question of the night for president obama. i thought the president did much better this debate than previous debates. i think it's likely people at home women see it's a draw or the president ahead. but on that question on gas prices what secretary hsu said it's part of the administration and also a part of the administration about not wanting to it wasn't his
9:25 pm
job and president obama never answered that question. i don't think it took a viewer paying close attention to discover the president didn't like the question and didn't answer it. >> i think there was a time when mitt romney gave a focus almost perfect answer and when you talk to romney advisors they said boy, the economy is fantastic on the economy. so i think that was romney's best moment. >> all right. we're going to hear from what michael crowley's favorite question later in the show. we're going to be back with you in a few minutes up next, karl rove. did either candidate inch closer to the finish line? also, governor romney gaining ground with the women, coming up.
9:26 pm
6. >> nlt last four years women lost 580,000 jobs. the net of what happened in four years. i know what it takes and i know what a working economy looks like. an economy is not a real strong economy. >> women get good work by getting a stronger economy supporting women in the work force.
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why am i lowering taxes? because under four years they've been buried. i will not under any circumstances reduce the share being paid by the highest income taxpayers and not increase taxes on the middle class. >> that is a must win and so how does the race look after debate number two? karl rove joins us. karl your thoughts? >> there is gallup poll said by 72-20 americans thought romney won the debate. obama needed to win in order to change the dynamic. he didn't. it's a draw and this is and
9:31 pm
didn't change the dynamic of the race. people said mitt romney seems to be a nice guy and so this was a -- not a you know an okay evening for the president. a good evening for romney. i think at the end of the day in the going to change that dynamic of the race. and the poll is that romney, 50, obama, 46. >> okay. since you said that you'd like to get into why you won some do, some don't why do you think he won? >> look. first of all we're, we get too stuck over what, what. both guys had successes tonight and both had short comings. this the president sort of
9:32 pm
circling around. they put governor romney my opinion made a mistake. and there is you never ask a question unless you can offer the answer for him. and... the main thing about the debate is that what are the voters and undecided voters looking for? for strength and kaerk. they're looking for someone who seem tofz a plan to move things forward. and there is three things to do. he can only do one other thing which is defend what he'd done. instead waits i'm going after romney. he said governor romney had a five point plan. it's a plan to give up tax give aways for the rich. that may go for true believer
9:33 pm
last week about the performance. but that kind of line does nothing for the independent voters hearing a variation that have for months and there is last week saying it's common sense. i like it. so this is not a good night for the president. he won the point and lost the argument. >> in watching it, i thought any points he had to make and this is overshadowed by the brawl aspect to it. i felt concomfortable watching. i've been in knock down brag drag out fights in the courtroom but as a spectator dinot find i was learning anything. and almost felt like a viewer of two men trying to kill each other. >> the narrative is that
9:34 pm
president obama going come in here, and you know take a two by four to romney. that sort of happened. people said do you know what? i didn't like that. and there is president obama needed to dominate by having a vision by saying here is what i want to do. here is why the next four years going to be better and there is a one, two, three, four five. he made the mistake guesting too engaged with them. and this works more to the disadvantage of the president. romney has narrative of a practical guy i seem i can relate to. there is one two,. tlae, four five steps he's going to do. that is what the election is about. so this is saying the
9:35 pm
president had a chance to do these things and failed not by the president saying all we're done right things and you've got say i've done a good job here are the changes. >> and the instant is president obama got 15% big burden of 47%. i heard rove romney hear the term ef several times middle class has been buried in last four years. and they were jabbing each other. >> this also, you know sort of resonated. this is when you look at ratings and right track, wrong
9:36 pm
track. president's newspapers are below those than any president barely above two in the modernera. 41 and jimmy carter. and the president numbers on unemployment and second quarter growth and on participation in the work force that is above the presidents who won. >> i suppose the point is people not living or breathing this get a chance to take a look at candidates. so i shouldn't be looking at anything in particular. and maybe i'm not the audience they're looking for. they're looking for those who haven't been paying attention. >> that is right. a lot of people are just now waking up. a rather large number of people and several polls said i don't know enough about governor romney. and i know far less about
9:37 pm
governor romney that. is the nai tour of undecided voters and they're capable of holding deeply conflicted opinions on the same subject at the same time. and capable of doing that. they tended to look at these light lait and influenced by big events. that first debate there is a lot of people. half of the number that are going to be voting in this poll. noits knot going to be undone by a so, so performance by the president. a good performance. and this is where he needed to dominate in a big way and needed to have romney make a mistake. if we've seen one thing as a
9:38 pm
baitor is that he's not going make a mistake of being cautious. he was bold tonight going after the president and there is he thought doing a good job on immigration saying you add a chance to do it. you didn't do it. they got into the weeds about what was he in favor of arizona. and ig issue is that you had a chance and didn't get it done and the response was to say, well, i -- you know, i couldn't, you weren't supportive of efforts. and this is a weak, weak response. >> thank you. >> you bet, greta. thank you. >> straight ahead it could come down to the women so how do candidates do according to the women tonight? next. >> if you're to elect president obama you know what
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dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >> who wooed women voters tonight? first let's go to our newsroom. >> fda investigators raided the massachusetts company linked to a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis there. is no word yet on what might have been found. prosecutors now say 15 people have died and more than 200 have been infected. fda widened it's investigation into the cause of the outbreak to other drugs made by the company. so far, we've seen no reports of damage or injuries after a moderate earthquake hit maine. a nuk plant in new hampshire was not affected. it's been off line for
9:44 pm
refueling. last night's quake felt in all six new england states. now let's go back to greta and "on the record". >> we're going to have to have employers in the new economy that are going to be so anxious to get good workers they're going to be anxious to hire women. >> women are increasingly the bred winners in the family. this is a family issue. this is a middle class issue. that is why we've got to fight for it. >> that all important womens vote that could determine the election. did they speak to the women tonight? there is a susan joining us. >> greta, you look pretty in pink. am i allowed to say that? >> it's late, you can say whatever you want. you can get rougher, it's cable. what do you think about the debate? and the women votes?
9:45 pm
so this is a good demographic to be going after? >> i think interestingly carl rove said it's a good performance by the president. i don't think a knockout punch but body snatchers have let him loose. two congressman went after each other. there are moments there i thought oh, no. it's vermin and sherman. but the line that stuck with me, i don't know about you is when mitt romney said there are no women in line to be cabinet so we went out to women's groups that came up with binders full of women. that is going to be the debate. we have to find ask see where
9:46 pm
they are. >> i'm curious to what extent you think the vote is going to be sort of the vote to go after for the candidates. you watched these for years and know them as well as anyone else. is that target? does that make the difference? >> we play this gunmen. one week i'm saying it's a gender gap. then, next week someone says wait. we're hurting among white men. need to get male vote. there are two things true. it's true that more women do vote. and it's true that for a democrat to win... you have to get those women slightly more of whom vote and who trend democratic. have you to get those women to vote in bigger numbers and with larger marg yinz. if you're barack obama tonight
9:47 pm
you've got to be thinking contraception. there is contraception, economic issues. pump up womens vote, they think he did a good job of that tonight. >> there are democrats using this war on women. it's a graphic term. i've seen what a war on women with taliban. >> and that is where american men need work. the term war on women, i'm wondering. if that is a good description? is that so overstating it? that is not going to resonate well? >> shorthand in this campaign has become how shall we say? war-like.
9:48 pm
it's not a war on women. there is differences in policy. on issues of reproductive freedom, health care and there is differences between two parties. do i think mitt romney is out there aiming it at women? of course not. doi think greta van sus stren is lucky to have a terrific guy who she's married to? true. but you know the women vote is going to be. >> that is -- that i've had to work on him a little bit. but that is my -- . >> i don't know. he's pretty good. you know, it's all of them were that good we won't be having this discussion. but i do hi there will be a gender gap in this election. and the bigger the gender gap more it will help barack obama. >> susan, nice to see you.
9:49 pm
come back more often. >> thank you. >> any time, honey. >> straight ahead walking the line president obama promising to be more aggressive z he was. but how did that go over with the town hall crowd? next. my insurance rates e probably gonna double.
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last four years you've cut
9:53 pm
permits and licenses on federal land and waters in half. >> not true. >> how much did you cut them by now? >> we've produced more oil. >> how much have you cut? >> governor romney here is what we did. there are a bunch of oil companies... >> i had a question. the question is how much did you cut them by? >> i'm happen yes to answer the question. >> now back to our panel before getting to that uncomfortable exchange. did you have sort of a favorite question or exchange? >> i thought waits nice to hear a question about immigration. hispanic vote is important in this election. and just had very little conversation about it. and so it was just good to hear someone approach it and watch them have it out a little bit. >> i saw them try to run from president obama having given a speech and having done nothing because he had a democratic and republican house and senate. then you had governor romney
9:54 pm
making statements about self deportation. >> byron what did you think about when they're talking about the drilling? >> well, the whole story is going to be barack obama going to be more aggressive tonight. and he was. and democrats loved it but mitt romney was pretty darn aggressive, too. yes. it's one of the debates where all republicans think mitt romney won. all democrats think barack obama won. and i thought they're getting in each other's face there. i thought that could not make either side as far as independent voters are concerned this would not go over well with them. >> tomorrow when we wake up and 12 hours, what is the story going to be about this debate? what is the theme? >> i think given the fact the
9:55 pm
president says he's talking about terrorism then candy crowley jumped in and it mitt romney seemed perplexed by the exchange that likely means libya remains a sort of front burner issue. administration not offered a time line suggesting that they've got their story straight so. because its in the news and because of the exchange i expect that that will be continuing discussion leading up to the debate next monday night. >> that is in libya. >> owe don't know how much libya is moving things from this point on. i think the bigger story you're going hear is democrats saying thank goodness obama came to play. and are going to say he's back. >> panel, thank you.
9:56 pm
they're packing up chairs behind you. and thank you to viewers we're going to see you tomorrow night at our regular time, 10:00 p.m. eastern, make sure you go to and blog with us g night from washington, d.c.. tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern our usual time, good night. ...... [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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